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Kalsiumklorid CaCl2 1 kg


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Calcium Chloride Flake is a salt used to increase mineral content of brewing liquor to produce the desired beer characteristics.


  • Reduces the pH during mashing and wort boiling which improves enzyme activity
  • Promotes the precipitation of unwanted proteins in the kettle, hop back or whirlpool
  • Improves health and vigour of the yeast Improves extract yield and fermentability
  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Reduces extraction of undesirable silicates, tannins and polyphenols
  • Reduces beer stone and can prevent gushing in beer
  • Improves beer fining performance
  • Promotes head retention on beer
  • Adds chloride which ensures corrects correct balance of salts for beer flavour and sweetness


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