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Lindr AS-40 Green Line 2x Coil

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LINDR AS-40 Green Line

These under-counter coolers AS-40 Green line are designed for professional dispensing of beverages in restaurants and bars with lower volume of beverages served. It is fitted with a built-in stirrer which ensures even temperature across the entire water bath. The stirrer can also be modified and used as recirculation pump with 1.2 m displacement.

Benefits and useful features:

  • GREEN LINE – all models from the AS series are fully in GREEN LINE design.
  • COMFORTABLY PORTABLE – easy and safe handling thanks to two stainless steel handles on the sides of the device.
  • EQUIPMENT – thermostat allowing smooth and precise temperature regulation, cooling coil and speedfit fittings.
  • AS – technology of water cooling with an icebank. This machine can provide maximum cooling output
  • GREEN LINE – LINDR GREEN LINE technology is environmentally friendly thanks to the use of eco-friendly refrigerant R-290. Thanks to this design, each product achieves 20 % higher energy efficiency and 20 % lower energy consumption. We have introduced an energy saving system in the production.
  • LINDR COOLING TECHNOLOGY – always more powerful than its electric input power
  • CONSTRUCTION AND SERVICING – the modern arrangement of LINDR cooling technology ensures ease of access for potential servicing and maintenance.
  • PERFORMANCE, QUALITY, SIZE – the best performance/ quality/ size ratio

Technical Details:

  • Cooling power: 1/8Hp - 310W
  • Maximum cooling capacity to 0°C L/Hour: 45
  • Continous cooling perfomance (L/Hour): 25
  • Power: 322W
  • Amperage: 1,4A
  • Net weight: 18,0
  • Refrigerant type: R290
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 439x267x394mm 
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